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What Does Contentment, Look Like to You?

I am sure we have all had our moments, where we want to trade places with someone, or are envious of what they have. Even with the people we are close to and know a lot about, we somehow see this perfect image of their life because things are different, then our own life. Sometimes what we see is a  false illusion,  but yet we still reach for what is portrayed to us. Also, now days with the internet and social media, people share what they want us to see. On a regular, you see more of the picture perfect, put together lives. Not always do we get to see inside someone’s reality. Even if we see it though, or know the facts of someone’s life, we still want ours to be different. I want to ask, why do we do that?

A friend and I were talking the other day. We were discussing, that a lot of us treat happiness as a destination. That if I just lose the weight, if I get that promotion, if I get a new house, if I get married, have the baby, that I will be happy. But, somehow when we reach our “destination”, we are still searching for that happiness we’ve been longing for.

“Happiness comes from Contentment.”

I believe, we need to find contentment and peace in our life today. Right now. Not our life in the future. We need to focus on what God has blessed us with. We need to show gratitude. When we have grateful hearts, it will open our hearts up even more, to give and receive love, happiness, that we have been searching for.

I also believe, that happiness will begin, once we truly love ourselves. That’s right, you heard me, LOVE OURSELVES. There is always talk of being kind and loving other people, but what about us? Do you treat yourself, as well as you treat others? Do we take care of, prioritize, speak life and positivity, to ourselves? Or do we put our own self, on the back burner? If we aren’t happy with who we are, then why would we think or believe, having something positive happen in our life, would change our true happiness?

I challenge each of us, to embrace our lives as they are right now. To breathe in, and show gratitude for the lives we have. For a moment, lets stop searching, and just be. Let’s stop comparing. Let’s stop being envious of others. Let’s see if we can focus on being content. We got this!



  • Amanda

    This really hits home! When we stop and see what we do have and forget about what we “think” we don’t have it can be a game changer! Loved reading this!

    • fiercelyfearless

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. And for the feedback. Yes, when we stop and really think about it, it can really help put things into perspective for us. 🙂