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Tips for Relaxation-For the Busy Mom

As a mom, you probably have forgotten what the word “relax” means. When you have kids, that can all go out the window, very quickly. Schedules change, your family is constantly evolving, everyone is on the go. You have your work schedule, pick up, drop offs, family time, time for your spouse, time for the rest of your family and friends. Let’s not forget, if your child is in a sport or extra activity, practices, games. The list goes on. And well, you may have forgotten along the way, to take care of you.

This is why I wanted to create a few tips, to help remind us all, to slow down and narrow in on our self-care. I get it, it isn’t something that comes natural to a lot of us. It is easy to put others first, and take care of their needs. But bear with me, and let’s be open minded together. You work hard, you deserve a little self-love.

My daughter keeping me on my toes!

1. Spa at home. Bring the spa to you. Wait until the kids go down, or let your husband put them to bed. Create your own spa like experience. It can include face masks, bubble baths, Epsom salt, fancy shampoos and conditioners, painting your nails. Girl don’t forget to light some candles, and really set the ambiance! I am sure none of us can go on a whim to an actual spa. So make it yourself.

2. Quiet time planned. Morning or evening. With coffee, tea or any beverage of your choice. No TV or music. Aim for when everyone is in bed, if that’s the only quiet you get. For me, I love to get up before everyone else, and have my coffee on the couch. I usually pair that with reading a devotional, or writing in my prayer journal. I know it sounds silly to plan for quiet time. However, if it isn’t planned for, you may not experience it often in your household.

3. Get creative. Let the creative energy flow. It can be writing, painting, reading, baking, whatever YOU enjoy. Sometimes we need to be able to zone out from the reality of everyday tasks, and have a little fun.

4. Simplify your schedule. I know this may sound easy. But for me, I know it can be very easy for me to book my calendar up in advance, then get to the point of being overwhelmed. Look ahead each week, trim what you can. Don’t plan everything at once. Spread the love over time. Don’t overwhelm yourself week after week. We also have to learn when to say no. I struggle with this myself. Think of what is best that week, for you and your family.

5. Car time=fun time. This can be time, to listen to your favorite music, podcast or audio book. Use that time to unwind. I used to let traffic get to me, or focus so heavily on where I had to be next. Then I realized, this can be fun time for me. I am constantly learning to unwind in the car, and enjoy that time.

As mom’s we wear many hats, and have a lot of responsibilities. It is important, we don’t forget to take care of ourselves. I truly believe, we cannot give from an empty cup. Take time, to purposely refill yours. What are some tips you like to incorporate, to relax? Feel free to share!


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