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The Thief of Joy

Right now I am reading “Girl, stop apologizing.” Already one chapter in, and boy is it inspiring me. Now, I am not finished with the book. However, it already stirred up some thoughts in my life.

Since becoming a mom, I am constantly learning and growing. Learning (as you have read in previous posts), that I am more than one identity, I am finding balance, trying to take care of myself, and more. But there have also been so many moments, that as a mom, I feel guilty and compare myself to other women.

I find myself feeling guilty for being a full time working mom.  Even though, I love my job. I love working in the corporate field. I love waking up every day, getting dressed up for work. I feel that in my career, I get to help people every day. I feel that I am serving others, and fulfilling part of God’s plan.

Be yourself. Always. Never shy away from being who God called you to be.

I feel guilty for wanting and going on date nights with my husband, and taking time away from Anna. But you know what? I love my husband, and am “in love” with him. He is my best friend. We are not just roommates. I love that we prioritize our marriage. I love that we make time for one another. I feel guilty for saying this and doing these things, because it seems it is not the norm.

I feel guilty for not being crafty, or enjoying baking. I could go on, about what I feel guilty about. I feel guilty, because the majority of family, friends, people I follow on social media, are the opposite of me. They are opposite with their talents, their passions, and who they are called to be.

But you know what? When I compare myself to others, I am holding myself back. I am taking away my own joy. I am taking the focus off my own talents, and who God wants ME to be. God has called us to serve and lead different lives. I do believe, he did not intend for us to all be the same.

I am continuing to learn to be myself. To not compare. The closer I stay to God, the easier this is to accomplish. I am trying to keep God at the center of my life, so I can always hear his voice. To know, I am on the right path.

I want to look at someone for their talents and say “Way to go, that is awesome. You go girl!” Versus lowering myself and feeling bad about my lack of. We need to support one another for who we are. We need to support our differences. We need to remind each other, never to feel bad about ourselves. If you catch a friend or someone you love, comparing themselves to someone else, Stop Them! Speak love and truth to them, and remind them, that they are perfect the way they are. Encourage one another, to listen for God’s voice in all that we do.