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The Storm

Ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed writing. Getting my thoughts onto paper and letting my mind explore was an outlet for me. Over time, I began writing poetry, which turned into a passion of mine. I wrote a lot of poetry through middle and high school. Then stopped once I graduated high school. Now, being an adult, my poetry has been an inconsistent thing. With this blog, I am hoping to spark back that passion, and open my heart & share more with you all. Here is a peek for you.


Clouds roll in,

After the sun shined all day,

Light to dark,

In a blink of an eye.

Unaware of the cause,

Not sure where the storm came from,

It begins to pour,

Washing away the beauty.

Thunder all around,

You can feel it through your bones,

The booms are loud,

Making you jump out of your skin.

Now lightning strikes,

Sneaking up on you,

Like the sight of an unwanted guest,

Bringing a trembling fear.

The clouds begin to part,

Sun peaks through the remains,

Hope lingers down,

To show the storm won’t stay.


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