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Take a Break, Before you Need it

When we catch a cold or get the flu, our body is forcing us to slow down. We need to rest. After so long of pushing, going nonstop at full speed, our bodies need time to recover. Whether from mental or physical stress. Stress is stress. “Stress- a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Our bodies do not recognize the difference.

I reference this a lot, but we live in a society where resting, isn’t always the norm. People working well over 40 hours a week, calendars full each week, technology keeping us on 24/7 with texts, emails, social media, etc. When is there time to take a break? How do you initiate the break?

If you call in sick, people assume you are weak or not dedicated. If you need a mental break, your encouraged to suck it up, and push forward. We are encouraged to have our phones and laptops with us, everywhere we go. I have seen so many people who work themselves to the ground, and as they get older, their bodies force them to stop. Whether by illnesses, hospitalization, or worse. My thought today is, we need to take a break, before we need it.

I know that seems weird to say. Like, if we feel good and have the energy, why not keep going, right? I have that same thought process most days. I am a go getter, I love accomplishing goals, I love getting to-do’s checked off my list. I feel the need to push myself as far as I can go. Then I need to stop and ask myself, how often do I rest with purpose? The answer, not often.

A morning before work, where I chose to Slow down. Enjoyed my coffee in silence, on the front porch, before starting my day. Good for my soul.

I am still on this journey of learning who Chasidy really is. My needs change daily. I am still figuring out what triggers my anxiety. Through all of this, I have realized the thought of being “on” all the time, isn’t as appetizing as it once was, nor is it good for my mental health. I now find myself searching for the slowness. I love the outdoors, sitting in silence, reading, writing, listening to music. I love vegging out some days on the couch with my family. Front porch sitting and watching the cars drive by. I do more of what brings me peace. Just because we have the ability and means to keep going, it is okay to take a break. To rest on purpose. I find myself putting my phone away more, focusing more on my family and time with loved ones.

How often do you disconnect and rest? Is this something that comes natural to you, or do you have to force yourself to, like I do? I encourage us all to look at our time spent, to see where we can find more time for rest. Remember, it is just as important as pushing yourself and working.