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How to be Disciplined

Discipline. It doesn’t come natural to everyone. For some, pushing themselves, trying something new, sticking to a regimen, isn’t always doable. It can be hard, uncomfortable and a lot of work. Also, sometimes people are not sure where to even begin, when comes to accomplishing a goal. If you want to do something, or accomplish something you have never done before, I believe, it takes discipline to get there.

I wanted to compose a list, of doable tasks, to help us all be more disciplined. You can apply these tasks, to different areas of your life. Any goal you have, these tasks can help get you closer, and will help you to become more disciplined while achieving such goal.

It always starts with a plan. Once you have a plan, you can accomplish anything.
  • Write your goals, down on paper. When you can see the goal, right in front of you, it can be a reminder, to stick to it. Post this somewhere you can see daily–on the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your nightstand, etc.
  • When you have your goals, write out your ‘How to Plan’. We can dream all day of goals we want to achieve. But if there is not a plan in place to achieve, well, it may never come to fruition.
  • Know going into your How to Plan, you will need to make sacrifices. To achieve any goal, you will have to cut out distractions, things that are keeping you, from reaching your goal. This doesn’t need to permanent, but some temporary changes can help you focus. There will be times that you may have to say No to things.
  • Start with the most difficult task first. Whether it is with a workout, a writing topic, something new you haven’t done, do the hard thing first. Then work your way down, to the easy tasks.
  • Track your progress. Check in with yourself. Whether that includes using a calendar for your fitness journey, journaling on personal growth, inspecting your work. You need to know how far you have come, to know where you are going.
  • Each Sunday, prep for your week ahead. Know when, how long, what you will need do, that helps you work closer to your goal. The How to Plan, needs to be placed into your week ahead. You need to know how you will use your time, toward your goal. Don’t just expect it to happen on its own.
  • Celebrate any victory, big or small. We may have small goals, or we may have big, scary goals. Either way, every success, every win, counts. Celebrate them. This shows that you are making progress, towards your goal.
Believe in yourself. Start today. If you have a dream, if you have big goals, chase them NOW!

If discipline does not come naturally to you, that is okay. Be patient with yourself. It takes 28 days to build a habit. Start with this discipline list, and go from there. Hold yourself accountable, while also showing yourself grace. When you believe in yourself, magical things can happen.