Grow in One Area at a Time

You have probably heard people say, “You need to give 100% in whatever you are doing”. But what if, you are the type of person that has multiple things going on at once? Multiple goals, things you want to accomplish, new ideas, projects, a career, a family, I am sure the list could go on. What if you have all of that? Are you supposed to still go full speed, and give 100% in all areas at that point?

Not sure how your brain is wired, but for me, if there is something on my plate, a goal, a commitment I have, you best believe I attempt to give it ALL 100% of my time, focus and energy. Sounds motivating right? Well, I am here to keep it real and tell you, that I have crashed and burned multiple times with that process.

I am learning that if you truly want to grow and excel at something, you can’t necessarily do that, when juggling multiple goals at once. I find that if you take your time, focus on the task at hand, not let yourself get distracted, you can give so much more to your goal.

For instance, earlier this year when I created this blog, it was a lot of work. All of my free time was spent building and creating the blog. Yes I did other things, but the blog was my primary focus. Now that I have gotten more comfortable, I have taken on training for a half marathon. With more of my time spent with training, I do not have the same time to give, to the blog. You see both are important to me, but the 100% effort given to both, didn’t happen at the same time. I could only take on one big goal/project at a time. This is something I have learned over time, that works for me.

Never give up on yourself. YOU GOT THIS!

I like to check in with myself, and set boundaries. To understand what I am currently passionate about, focus on what I want to achieve, figure out what that looks like, then create a plan and make time for it. I also say this, because I guard my family time , so the things I take on, never interfere with that. Family for me is always first. Anything else that comes up, I work around that. With that being said, that is why I operate best, when I have only one thing to achieve at a time.

As you have new ideas and goals that come into your life, you need to feel comfortable evaluating what you can handle, and how that should look. You also need to get comfortable with saying no, or not right now. I have hard time being content, and not doing all the things at once. I continue to be a work in progress. I know that if I allow myself to grow in one area at a time, take on one new thing at a time, it will help me in the long run to remain productive, and not get overwhelmed. Remember, never compare your journey to someone else’s. Figure out what works best for you!