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Clear Your Space, Free Your Mind

Have you noticed, that more and more storage places are being built everywhere? When I was driving the other day, I saw one being built. There is another storage unit already, just a couple miles down the road. I got to thinking, why do we as people, need more space for more of our stuff? Why are we not able to find a place for these items in our homes? Are our homes already full of stuff? The items we hold onto, do they hold value or memories for us?

I think every circumstance is different. I am sure that there are legitimate reasons, to have storage units. Moving, building a house, family member passed, a place to store Christmas items and more. Sometimes more often than not though, I think there could be a deeper problem.

I want to ask some challenging questions. Are we buying and holding on to things, to fill a void in our life? Do we find ourselves trying to keep up with others, who may have newer and nicer things? Are we trying to prove something to our family, strangers and even ourselves? Did we grow up without much, and now have a hard time letting go of tangible items? Do we think we are a valuable person, with the more things we have?

Growing up, I held onto everything I had. Even if  I outgrew it, no longer wore, used it. It didn’t matter. I kept it all. Everything meant something to me. The things I kept, even if were completely worn, made me feel there was more value there, by the space it took up. I felt like a better person. I felt that I had more to give as a person, if I had more things.

Simplifying the space in our bedroom. This makes for a more cozy & relaxing spot.

The older I get, I am slowly learning to let go. I am learning to clear up the space in my mind and in my home. I am creating a calming space all around. I am learning, to keep things that hold significance to me, but not necessarily to someone else. I am learning to be more purposeful with my purchases and what I hold onto.

And can I be honest? More stuff and clutter in my house, actually causes me more stress. When I DE clutter, donate and get rid of things, I feel a weight lifted every time. However, it has taken me years to realize all of these things. It wasn’t until a couple years ago, that I realized keeping stuff, was a problem for me. I didn’t see for the longest time, that there was a deeper issue for me personally. I am learning to embrace simplicity. I like having more space. More space to think, more space to move. I am also understanding, that my worth is not based on the things that I own. I am already worthy. Already valuable. Simply by being the person, God has intended me to be.

Where do you personally land, with all of this? If you struggle to find your worth, struggle to hide behind the ‘things’, I encourage you to slowly rid the things keeping you, from being your true self. Let who you really are, shine bright.


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  • Holly Helm

    I love getting rid of stuff. In fact, sometimes I wish we had a SMALLER house. Less to clean, organize, etc. it has a huge impact on my mental state. It’s easier to get overwhelmed when there is chaos around you.