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Are you Present?

We live in a world, where it is normal to run yourself dry. To go nonstop all day, every day. To excel at multitasking, and when you don’t it is frowned upon. It is not the norm, to take a break from work or technology.

I have found that when we focus on resting our minds and bodies, it isn’t always supported. We live in a fast paced society, where technology is thriving and growing each day. On one hand this is great, on the other hand, where do we find the balance?

I waited on a gentleman at work the other day, who is from Iraq. We got to chatting about how he is doing his best here in America. That he came to America, for his kids and for a better life. However, he said there is so much to keep up with, and that everything moves so fast. We talked about how in his country, that the work days are shorter, there isn’t as many bills to keep up with, not as much technology that keeps you ‘on’, etc. This comparison really got me thinking.

Taking a moment with my family, enjoying the outdoors and disconnecting.

I am in a season of life, where I want to create the best life possible for our daughter and our family. I want to simplify our lives, the best ways I know how. Even if it isn’t the norm. I love technology, I love social media. I appreciate it all. However, I do believe in balance. I believe in connecting with others, being present, and living out the best versions of ourselves. BUT, there is a time and place. Time to connect online, work hard, then time to connect with those people sitting right in front of us. There is time for rest, time for nature, time to just be, and not have to meet anyone’s expectations.

So I ask, are we really present? When we are spending time with friends and family, are we all in or are we distracted and multitasking? Do we have our phone out in front of us the whole time? Do we feel refreshed or do we feel drained after seeing people that we love? If we are not refreshed, maybe we are doing it wrong. I encourage us all to take a moment, to slow down a bit. To enjoy the quieter moments. It is okay to take the mental and physical breaks, that we so desperately need.


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